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Queen 2021 Livestream

Welcome everyone to Queen’s third iteration of the annual event, and this year, it is planned to be the biggest one yet.


Queen is an hybrid event and it will be over two full days of events and livestreams. It will have two esport tournaments, multiple exhibition matches, two educational panels, and a twelve hour livestream.


To find out more about this event, including were to register for our tournaments, keep scrolling and see everything we have to offer this year.

Futures First Gaming Logo

Thank you to our Sponsor Futures First Gaming!

Futures First Gaming convenes esports enthusiasts to engage in competitive and recreational gaming events, fosters a gaming community and presents opportunities for participants to explore educational and career development pathways in relevant esports disciplines.


To find out more about them visit their website.

December 4th - Esports

Smash Ultimate & Melee Tournament Info

Both tournaments have specific rules due to capacity limitations and Covid-19 safety guidelines so please read the following carefully.

The tournaments will be hosted in-person on TCNJ’s campus and capped to 64 players.

For TCNJ Students: You will need to enter your TCNJ Email and bring your student ID.

For Non-TCNJ Students: If you are enrolled at a college that requires the Covid vaccine, contact a TO to register.

December 5th - 12H Stream